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Homoly Construction History

  • Homoly Construction is a full service construction company specializing in light commercial construction, custom homes, and commercial / residential remodeling projects. Founded in 1997 by Andrew Homoly, a Civil Engineer and 5th generation builder, the company has flourished with a focus on its core values and a vision for every client to be a client for life.
  • Company President Andrew Homoly grew up in the construction business, working with his father Guy from an early age through graduating with Honors from the University of Illinois. Guy self-performed all aspects of construction, building and remodeling in Chicago for 30+ years (after working with his father), and spent 20 of those years teaching Andrew and his younger brother Casey the intricacies of building. Guy eventually moved to Kansas City in 1998 to join Homoly Construction as Vice President of Production (although we believe several grandchildren may have also been a factor!). After Guy’s arrival the company experienced a large amount of growth. It became apparent to Andrew that if the company was to continue its success he needed someone to develop the company’s sales and marketing strategy, so Andrew again reached out to someone he trusted and convinced his brother Casey to come on board. Casey’s arrival allowed Andrew to spend more time focusing on the company’s future and long-term vision.
  • In 2004, convinced that current building styles and techniques would soon be able to merge with advanced High Performance techniques to create better, more sustainable structures, Andrew became a LEED Accredited Professional as well as a Certified Green Professional with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Today, Andrew is highly respected for his building expertise and is a key figure in the High Performance movement of Kansas City. Homoly Construction is Kansas City’s High Performance Expert, building LEED Platinum Homes, a LEED Silver commercial building in North Kansas City, an NAHB Gold home in Prairie Village, and an Energy Star Home in Mission Hills. “It just makes sense to use these High Performance techniques,” says Andrew, “The initial costs are so miniscule these days and these techniques are far superior to traditional methods. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are getting a much stronger, durable, and energy efficient project for long term cost savings. High Performance building is just better building.”
  • Homoly Construction has been able to pair these strong “bones” with exquisite detailing for a complete package product. Homoly only uses the finest craftsman and trade partners to create multiple award winning projects. Please take a look through this website and especially our photo galleries to see our high level of detail in every project. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company and we hope we can work with you soon!


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