Extreme Green Home Available for Tours

The Homoly Residence epitomizes green building. Spearheading the Kansas/Missouri high-performance building movement, owners Andrew and Catherine Homoly have incorporated the height of technological advancement and responsible building in their personal home.

The architecture, layout and overall vision of this home represents years of planning and dreaming on the part of its owners. Andy hopes that this traditionally-styled home will help prove to skeptics that energy efficient, high-performance structures do not have to look modern or modular as some assume, nor does this style of building have to break the bank. Technology and construction materials have advanced to meet the demands of even the most traditional styles. Home Tours are available upon request. Continue reading

KC’s Energy Solutions Homes Tour October 6

The Heartland Renewable Energy Society’s 13th Annual Tour

Don’t miss the 2012 Energy Solutions Homes Tour on October 6, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. The Homes Tour will feature 8 locations touting energy efficiency and renewable energy in virtually every part of the KC Metro area. The Tour will be a “self-guided” tour, meaning that attendees will select the homes they wish to see and the times they wish to see them, and then drive themselves to the homes of most interest to them. $10 tickets for the entire Tour will be available at any of the Tour Homes (kids 12 and under are free. Visit four of more sites and receive a $10 gift certificate.). Greenability Magazine will feature the Homes Tour in its September-October issue. You can find Tour Homes’ addresses there or at the Tour website www.kcsolar.org. The website has photos, directions, home features, and an interactive map of the tour sites. Continue reading

Solar Reflectors at Randy Reed Buick GMC

Another new solar installation is happening at the Randy Reed Buick GMC. Solar and Wind KC is installing a 100.32kW system, with American-made panels manufactured, assembled and supplied by an American company. These panels offer state of the art technology because the panels receive bi-directional light via a reflector panel that is mounted on the adjacent side of each solar panel. The addition of the reflector panel increases output by more than 30%! The Randy Reed array covers approximately 16,000 square feet of space and is mounted over a water detention area, a space previously wasted on the property where square footage literally means dollars for a car dealership. This solar array is estimated to harvest 182,000 kWh of electricity per year, and an estimated $18,500 in first year savings.

Solar Awnings Installed in Parkville

Solar and Wind KC has unveiled a unique combination of rooftop solar panels and solar awnings at the Parkville Heights Animal Hospital. The roof-mounted array maximizes energy capture, while the solar awnings provide instant usable power via micro-inverters as well as shade. This approach utilizes an advance in solar technology called micro-inverters which allows for separating and mounting panels around the perimeter of a site, instead of all panels being mounted together as with traditional systems and inverters. Now, the solar awnings are an incorporated piece of the building’s architecture. The solar array also is equipped with a special type of inverter, which not only changes direct current to alternate current but also actively monitors the solar array and adjusts for periodical shading. The overall solar array is a 25kW system, and the awning structure was designed exclusively by Solar and Wind KC.