Recycling Your House

This is an article that recently appeared in the Kansas City Star and after being picked up by the AP was then ran in the LA Times and Seattle Times.

“Homeowners decide to deconstruct, not demolish”
More than three-fourths of the house can be reused and recycled instead of all of it ending in the dump. — By Stacy Downs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’re remodeling your kitchen or want to build your dream home on property with a not-so-idyllic house, there’s a way to tear down that doesn’t involve the wrecking ball. Continue reading

Humidity the Destroyer

Do you know the humidity level in your home right now?  Most people have no idea.  It is an afterthought that is generally controlled with the air conditioner in the summer, a humidifier in the winter, and occasionally flipping on the bath fan after a shower.  All our focus is on the temperature of our home and the humidity level is…well, whatever it happens to be.  But why should we care?  Humidity can be a destroyer.  Here’s how: Continue reading