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KC’s Energy Solutions Homes Tour October 6

The Heartland Renewable Energy Society’s 13th Annual Tour

Don’t miss the 2012 Energy Solutions Homes Tour on October 6, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. The Homes Tour will feature 8 locations touting energy efficiency and renewable energy in virtually every part of the KC Metro area. The Tour will be a “self-guided” tour, meaning that attendees will select the homes they wish to see and the times they wish to see them, and then drive themselves to the homes of most interest to them. $10 tickets for the entire Tour will be available at any of the Tour Homes (kids 12 and under are free. Visit four of more sites and receive a $10 gift certificate.). Greenability Magazine will feature the Homes Tour in its September-October issue. You can find Tour Homes’ addresses there or at the Tour website www.kcsolar.org. The website has photos, directions, home features, and an interactive map of the tour sites.

Homoly Construction recommends touring our two sites on the tour: the Travois  building in the Crossroads Arts District in KCMO and the Homoly Residence in Parkville, MO.

TRAVOIS – “Solar canopy makes historic building ‘net-zero'”
“The installation of a 75kW solar canopy on a 10,000-square-foot downtown office building is expected to take its energy use to net zero. The building, owned by Travois Holdings, has 330 solar panels that cover 6,000 square feet of the roof space. The 85-year-old building has a roof that is not capable of supporting traditional ballasted solar racking. So, Solar and Wind KC, owned by Andrew Homoly of Homoly Construction designed a solar canopy with canopy columns that line up with the interior columns of the building. The columns will also support new construction of a rooftop deck for an outdoor living space… The solar canopy is expected to create about 90,000kW hours of electricity per year, completely offsetting Travois’ annual energy needs. It is projected to save the annual equivalent in carbon emissions of an average car driving nearly 235,000 miles.”
Located at 310 W. 19th Terr., Kansas City, MO

HOMOLY RESIDENCE – “Parkville home headed for top green honors”
“The new home of Andrew Homoly, owner of Homoly Construction, is on track to earn the highest national ranking for green homes. As the project nears completion, it will be submitted for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) at the Platinum level, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) at the Emerald level and Energy Star certifications. A 25kW ground-mounted solar array is projected to take the home beyond net-zero energy use, meaning it will produce more electricity than it needs. Energy features include a wind turbine, micro-hydroelectric generator from pond to lower creek, solar-powered pump from creek to upper-pond, geothermal HVAC system, separate humidification and air filtration systems, energy recovery ventilation system, LED lights and Energy Star appliances. The residence also has an energy monitoring system that tracks all electricity used and all energy produced in real time on a circuit-by-circuit basis for website [and remote] monitoring. Water-saving additions include xeriscaping and buffalo grass for landscaping to minimize or eliminate mowing and minimize water use, low-flow plumbing fixtures and a 1,500-gallon cistern to capture rainwater to use for flushing toilets. Recycled and reclaimed products were used throughout the house, including 3,500 square feet of reclaimed hardwood floor from a 90-year-old Amish barn in Bolivar, MO.” To read more, click here.
Located at 6401 NW Monticello Dr., Parkville, MO

Text credit greenabilitymagazine.com “Homes and Businesses on Energy Solutions Tour” by Molly Mahon, September/October 2012 issue.

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