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Why YOU Need an Energy Monitoring System

The home’s power consumption is monitored by eMonitor, a device installed in the circuit box which provides real-time consumption data of all electricity usage throughout the home on a circuit-by-circuit basis and tracks energy production by the renewable and/or alternative sources on the property. This information is accessible on a private, user-friendly, online account and includes carbon tracking, notifications of abnormal consumption behavior, and even suggestions for improving consumption habits. For example, you could opt to receive free notifications that your oven was left on or that your refrigerator’s interior light has been on more than the average time!

View and Experience the eMonitoring system demonstration of the Homoly Residence’s solar power generation and energy consumption by logging in to the eMonitor portal at: http://eMonitor.us

Username: solarandwindkc
Password: solarandwindkc

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